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Week 15 MLB Power Rankings


20. Philadelphia Phillies (43-50)

While most common fans expected them to tank once again this year, the Phillies have been a nice surprise. They sit seven games off the pace in the NL Wild Card hunt.

With postseason hopes not even in the equation from the get-go, the fact that they are even posing a relative threat to teams in their division should be considered a major success for the organization.


19. Seattle Mariners (46-46)

Five games off the pace in the wild card chase, the M’s have been an up and down team thus far this year. Led by outstanding seasons from both Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz, they have maintained relevancy in the American League.

However, the potent nature of the Rangers and Astros may hamper with their ability to contend in the second half. Their most recent series loss to Houston is direct proof of that.


18. New York Yankees (44-46)

The Bronx Bombers may be turning to full sell mode in the midst of a challenging stretch which can leave them completely out of contention.

Their weekend set with the Boston Red Sox displayed their mediocrity and inability to hang with the ‘big boys’ in the American League.


17. Chicago White Sox (45-46)

A torrent start got fans hopeful, but the current record symbolizes what the Chicago White Sox truly are. Losing two out of three to the lowly Braves before the break did not help their cause, and getting swept away in Los Angeles only served as a detriment.

Now nine games off the AL Central pace, they may quickly turn into an organization willing to trade their assets for a major return.


16. Kansas City Royals (46-45)

The defending World Champions can be viewed as a sheer disappointment in the AL Central, yet they are one hot stretch away from contending for a playoff spot.

With that being said, they are not helping themselves get back postseason. They have not won a series since the end of June and just lost two out of three to their division rivals, the Detroit Tigers.

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