New York Mets Fan Has Beer Destroyed By Foul Ball (Video)

Watch this New York Mets fan have his beer bottle absolutely obliterated by a foul ball that came off the bat of Odubel Herrera in Philly.

What do these Philly fans care? They could care less.

They don’t care that a fine (probably) $9 bottle of beer was just smashed to pieces by a foul ball. They don’t care at all.

You know why? Because it happened to a New York Mets fan.

Check out the video above. A Mets fan at Citizens Bank Park was minding his own business, just chilling along the third-base line watching the ballgame on Saturday night when an Odubel Herrera foul ball came his way and smashed his beer to smithereens.

There goes a costly beverage. What’s worse is the fan’s club, the Mets, lost to the lowly Philadelphia Phillies 4-2.

Sober and defeated. What a terrible night.


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