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New York Rangers Reveal 90th Anniversary Patch

The New York Rangers teased the 90th anniversary patches that players will wear on the sleeves of their jerseys. 

When the New York Rangers first unveiled their heritage jerseys five years ago during their 85th anniversary, I doubt the organization foresaw that the throwback sweaters would become a fan favorite.

Will the Rangers do something similar this season?

The Rangers gave fans a sneak peak of the patch today.

I fully expect this year’s center ice logo to look very similar to the patch, similar to how the logo matched the heritage patch back in 2011.

While a hat tip to the 90th anniversary is warranted, I hope the Rangers don’t try to turn the anniversary into a money-making scheme.

The heritage jersey’s are a classy homage to the days of old, not to mention a huge favorite among Rangers fans and it would be a shame if the organization attempted to turn the 90th logo into a special jersey.

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