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New York Rangers RFAs Arbitration Dates Revealed

J.T. Miller

Here is another fan favorite on the arbitration list.

Last year showed career highs in goals (22), assists (21), and points (43) for Miller, and a continuation of what was produced from Miller should be even greater next year.

As the other skaters on the list, Miller has a pretty good, average Corsi For % at 49.2 with a Relative of 2.7.

Without question he’s trusted more in the offensive zone at 57.8% of the time.

He is a good player and the Rangers have something good on their hands, but the club has been known to lose their “great” things for lesser things in trades of free agency.

Lets hope this won’t be the case.

In a perfect world, every fan would have their favorite player back and playing for the team. But if that happened, then it wouldn’t be fun.

In the end, I would not be upset if any of these players were traded for something better in return. Everyone has a price tag somewhere, and it’s all about finding it.

If these talks about arbitration don’t get you excited for the season, I am not sure anything will. We’re almost there.

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