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Former New York Rangers’ tough guy Sean Avery is back at it again, and of course we’re not talking about hockey.

If you have been a New York Rangers fan for any amount of time, then you know who Sean Avery is.

Avery could never had be described as a strong hockey player, but his antics on the ice made him a fan favorite in New York.

The “Avery Rule” as it is affectionately referred to, was created following a playoff game in which the Rangers’ agitator stood in front of Brodeur and waved his stick in front of his face.

The move was a new take on “how to distract a goaltender”, and not a great display of sportsmanship to say the least.

In an ironic turn of events, Avery would go on to score on the very same shift.

Sadly, Avery’s childish actions have continued long after his retirement from hockey.

In fact, Sean Avery has taken his actions to the streets.

Mara Slegler of the New York Post reported over the weekend that Avery has spent his time harassing homeless people via Snapchat.

Avery made headlines back in 2014, when he quit an off-Broadway play just days before it opened.

Avery supposedly had a meltdown when a stage manager asked him if he wanted some pizza.

His latest antics are deplorable and sadly show what kind of person the real Sean Avery is:

Avery is a washed up professional athlete that needs to be in the limelight to feel good about himself, no matter who he offends in the process.

One thing is for sure Mr. Avery. Today we are ashamed that you ever wore our beloved Blueshirt.

The videos have since been deleted off of Snapchat.

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