New York Rangers Dodge A Bullet As Stamkos Stays In Tampa Bay

The New York Rangers dodged a bullet today, as Bob McKenzie has reported that Steven Stamkos has decided to stay in Tampa Bay.

New York Rangers’ fans can rest easy tonight, as Steven Stamkos has decided to stay with the Tampa Bay Lightning, as reported by TSN’s Bob McKenzie.

I have previously discussed that signing Stammer would have been a mistake for a Rangers club that has found themselves in their own cap space hell.

McKenzie also reported that the deal was set at eight years with the price tag of 8.5M.

Could the Rangers have acquired Stamkos if Jeff Gorton played his cards correctly? Sure.

Would it have been the right move? No.

Listen, Stamkos is a great player who is just entering his prime, but tying up a player who is just coming off of a blood clot surgery would have been foolhardy.

Rangers’ General Manager Jeff Gorton has been quiet through the past week and there have been no reports that should give fans the expectations of a blockbuster move.

The fun should begin Friday when free agency opens, but until then, know that Gorton made the right decision to not sign Steven Stamkos to a huge contract that he would have never lived up to in the long-term.

In order to outbid all of Stamkos’ possible suitors, the Rangers would most likely have had to offer the power forward a contract of 10M+.

Good non-move Mr. Gorton.

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  1. Stamkos is an Elite offensive talent. Something that the Rangers clearly lack and have zero chance of acquiring anytime soon given our draft picks situation. Can you imagine a world where Stamkos had signed and Stepan was traded for a Dman like Dumba and some stock? I think this team is going to nose dive into a rebuild as soon as Lundqvist cant be impactful. Until then, they have no choice, they have to push forward and continue building rosters that have an new element to them (ex. Nash trade, Yandle, E. Staal ) that may just be the right mix to finally win it all. They just havent got there. Im not saying they definately will, management has been questionable, but I think that stems from desperation. Honestly, can you blame them? Anyways, Stammers resigned and thats off the table. I’m just trying to provoke some reflection into this teams ideology over the last couple years. I’m one of the few who think its justified.