New York Rangers, Mats Zuccarello
Photo by Bergen Record

The New York Rangers were relatively quiet throughout the 2016 NHL Draft. How are you feeling following the festivities? Are you satisfied? 

Depending on the type of fan that you are, the New York Rangers’ off season can bring with it a wide variety of emotion.

Some people are dreamers and spend their days waiting for Jeff Gorton to make that big move, while others are very content to sit back and be patient.

But with the stakes so high this off season, just how are you feeling?

Were you happy with the moves that Jeff Gorton made throughout the draft? Did he do too little?

Or perhaps you’re just sick of hearing the speculation?

And that’s exactly why we want to hear from you. Today we are rolling out a little poll to gauge how the Blueshirt faithful are doing.

Also, feel free to comment by clicking the “react” button above. It’s your turn to sound off on the current state of the Rangers.

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