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Mike Francesa Reads An Old Report About Zack Wheeler; Reports It As Breaking News

Mike Francesa thinks Zack Wheeler has a torn ligament in his elbow. That is, until he realizes he’s reporting old news as new. 

Mike’s on, but he’s clearly not ready to go.

The New York “Sports Pope” has struck again. Wednesday afternoon’s midday show on WFAN saw Mike Francesa announce rehabbing New York Mets starter Zack Wheeler had a torn ligament in his elbow.

Francesa then realized that the report he was reading was from last year, and no new update on Wheeler was available. By “realized,” we mean that someone else in the studio probably told him he was reading an old report in attempt to cover his tracks.

Francesa noted that Wheeler felt discomfort while pitching off a mound, which is funny because the right hander has not entered any rehab games just yet.

Special credit gets awarded to the caller at the end of the audio segment who trolls Mike asking if the report was new or old. For those that listened to the entirety of the clip, you’ll realize Francesa went back and forth close to a thousand times attempting to discover the timing of the report. A frazzled Mike thought the caller was serious and hung up.

Good on you Mike in New Falls, you’re doing the New York sports fans’ work.

H/T @RNs_Funhouse

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