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New York Mets’ Terry Collins Storms Out Of Postgame After Dropping Thor News (Video)

New York Mets manager Terry Collins had little patience for the media after talking about Noah Syndergaard‘s elbow issues.

You would think a 4-3 victory and a two game sweep of the Kansas City Royals would have New York Mets manager Terry Collins in good spirits. Well, he was far from giddy after discussing Noah Syndergaard’s elbow.

The New York media can be merciless at times, but this was rather unnecessary on the part of Collins. Anytime a pitcher has an issue involving the word “elbow,” people hold their collective breath. This rings especially true when talking about an ace.

Collins hasn’t had much luck with the health of his ballclub this season, and pulling Syndergaard early obviously has it concerns. Regardless of the circumstances, you would expect better from a man who has been around the game for as long as Collins.

If the Mets had suffered a tough loss, you could see how the frustrations boiled over. But newsflash, they won!

If Collins won’t address the media, someone will have to, because the concern for Synderggard will be immense until there’s an official update.

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