New York Mets

Have no fear New York Mets’ fans , Bartolo Colon is (still) here. After taking a drive off of his wrist, he will not miss his next start.

The New York Mets completed their most impressive victory of the season Tuesday night, but not without suffering a scary setback (or so we thought).

On his fourth pitch of the night, starting pitcher Bartolo Colon took a come-backer off of his throwing-hand thumb, and fell to the turf in pain.

Of course the pitch finished the job, ricocheting off Bart and into the glove of second baseman Neil Walker, but for a moment Mets nation collectively stood still.

Per MLB’s Anthony DiComo, following Tuesday’s 2-1 victory over Kansas City, Colon said:

“The first thought that popped into my head was, ‘God, please don’t let this be broken.'”

But here’s some good news, everybody.

X-Rays came back negative. Still, a short DL-stint seem all but likely.

That is, until Wednesday morning, when the Flushing Faithful discovered that which should have been obvious: Big Sexy moves like jello, but is made of steel.

He was diagnosed with merely a bruise and will make his next start.

The 2016 Mets motto might as well be, “One Injury At A Time,” but at least this time, their most reliable player will live to see another day.

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Jeremy Fialkow was born and raised in Miami, FLA, but currently studies at the University of Maryland. When he's not studying hard, he can be found supporting his sometimes hopeless NY teams: Knicks, Mets, Jets, and Isles. Your sympathy is appreciated.