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While 1994 holds some very cherished moments for New York Rangers fans, we need some new memories. It’s time to change the playlist.

You don’t need to be a die hard New York Rangers fan to know the feeling.

It’s the same feeling that you experience when you’ve listened to an amazing song one too many times. The melody that gave you chills now sounds bland, the lyrics that made you think now seem elementary, and the groove that made you bop your head falls flat.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy listening to Evenflow by Pearl Jam, but it certainly doesn’t have the same effect that it did when I first heard the song.

For myself and many Rangers’ fans, 1994 has slowly become an overplayed song that we are sick of listening to.

Stephane Matteau’s goal is still fun to watch, but it doesn’t quite give me goosebumps the way that it used to.

Sam Rosen’s call of the final seconds of Game 7 is still amazing to hear, but it won’t make you cry like it used to.

Watching Brian Leetch’s first goal of that same Game 7 doesn’t make me scream YES like it used to.

I will say however, that watching that one scramble in front of Mike Richter that had Sam screaming “Where’s the puck? It’s in the corner and Noonan’s got it!”, still does make me a bit nervous.

In short, I believe that we as a New York Rangers fan base have finally overplayed that amazing 1994 championship.

We need something new and fresh.

It’s not like the Rangers haven’t come close in recent years.

Derek Stepan’s overtime goal against the Washington Captials two years ago would have been another Matteau moment had the Rangers won the Cup in 2015.

Martin St. Louis’ emotional Mother Day goal in addition to his overtime goal against the Montreal Canadiens would have made him a New York hero had the Rangers won the Cup in 2014.

Kenny Albert’s call of Brad Richard’s now-famous “6.6 second” goal during Game 5 of the 2012 Eastern Conference Semifinals was probably one of the best Ranger calls since Howie Rose’s famous Matteau call.
Fans are not the only ones who are guilty of beating the dead 1994 horse.

Madison Square Garden still invites Glen Anderson and Stephane Matteau to just about every fan activity.

It’s time to move on MSG.

But it’s hard for Rangers fans to grasp onto something new, especially with the organization’s future in the balance.

Maybe the Blueshirt faithful with find some luck with Pavel Buchnevich and he will become the next Alex Ovechkin.

If that happens I could be talking about the 2017 Championship video at this time next season.

No matter what may happen one thing is for sure-it’s finally time to move on from those tired 1994 memories and look towards the future.

It’s time to find a new song, one with a fresh melody, great lyrics, and a hot groove that will make you bop your head again.

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