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The Biggest Drains On The New York Rangers’ Salary Cap

1. Rick Nash, Forward

Nash’s huge $62.4 million contract, which begun in Columbus and continues with New York, is the biggest burden the team has resting on their shoulders. The $7.8 million cap hit places him on a list of infamous Rangers who were signed to big deals and did not do much for the team, with sparkles of success here and there.

Nash’s best year came in 2014-15, and lead the Blueshirts to their first President’s trophy since 1994. Once again, however, he was a no-show in the playoffs, which seemingly carried over into this entire season, places emphasis on the bad deal.

The two seasons prior to 2014-15 were not good either for No. 61, and the Rangers dealt a lot to get him. Trading away Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov for Nash did not work out at all, and the team still feels the repercussions of it.

This season was a complete downfall for Nash as well. He scored only 11 even strength goals, and four on the power play. 15 goals and 21 points does not earn $8 million annually, but he’s with the club and has to have a bounce back year for sure.

Here is a look at Nash’s stats compared to other forwards who make similar money to him:

nash vs forwards 9-11.99%

In most areas, he is either on the same level, just above, or just below forwards who make similar to what he does.

Nash becomes a free agent in 2018-19.

These are the reasons why the New York Rangers find themselves right up against the cap. It seems this was their thought process: a player has a good year, sign him to a big contract. A player has a bad year, give him dirt money or let him walk. Ironically enough, those making the more money didn’t have a great season last year, but those making less seemed to have a great one.

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