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The Biggest Drains On The New York Rangers’ Salary Cap

5. Dan Girardi, Defenseman

Dan Girardi has been on the Blueshirts since the 2006-07 season and shown he is made of stone. Nothing cannot stop him, or so it seemed.

This season, however, showed the beginning of the end for the 32 year old.

Girardi’s hit on the salary cap for next season will be $5.5 million, but for his last year, it almost seems that the Rangers should take away a year of his earnings for that disaster of a season.

He cracked 17 points, which is somewhat normal for the defensive defenseman. However it is the position he has played suburb in that suffered last year. Girardi had 56 giveaways as well as a lower average time on ice with 20:19.

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There were times where he showed brilliance, and others where he showed complete stupidity. Some may say age is the culprit, but it very well could be the toll of missing three games heading into last year.

Whatever the case may be for No. 5, the Rangers are stuck with him until 2019-20 with a full no move clause for next year and a modified no move clause until the end of his deal.

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