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The Biggest Drains On The New York Rangers’ Salary Cap

7. Derick Brassard, Forward

Up next on the list is Derick Brassard, a great center and an overall good offensive player. His deal includes a modified no trade clause and will keep him a Ranger until 2018-19, having a $5 million cap hit yearly.

While his contract is on the list of the biggest hitters for forwards, he actually preformed well for the money he made. Brassard had 27 goals and 31 assists to finish off in the regular season with 58 points, but added a mere four points in the playoffs.

This seems to be a very common trend among these Rangers forwards, having a good regular season and then tanking in the postseason. Granted there was only five games played, there could have been more if these players did just a little more.

Brassard’s deal is one of the better ones the Rangers have dished out with them being against the cap, he is a dominant scorer who is just above 50% on face offs.

Here is a look at Derick Brassard on the PSAM tool:

brassard vs forwards 7.99%

Brassard is a little under what players making around the same as him in the scoring chances category, the same with the high scoring category as well. But his goals and assists per 60 minutes is right on point.

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