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New York Rangers 2015-16 Report Cards: Coaches

Benoit Allaire

Behind every world-class goalie is a world-class goalie coach, and that statement couldn’t be any more true for the New York Rangers’ goalie coach Benoit Allaire.

Allaire is probably the only goalie coach in history to receive a standing ovation during team introductions, and it’s well deserved.

Allaire’s biggest attribute isn’t necessarily coaching technique or positioning, but rather his uncanny ability to steer his students through the psychological war that goalies have to endure.

We’ve seen the hockey “zen-master” pick goalies up off of the floor, dust them off, and send them back into battle with renewed confidence on a number of occasions.

Following a brutal overtime loss to the Los Angeles Kings in February, backup Antti Raanta was about as defeated as I’ve seen any athlete.

He basically admitted to the media during post-game press conferences that his confidence was almost non-existent and that he was very nervous throughout the game.

However, with the guidance and magic of Allaire, Raanta was able to find his game again and the once defeated net minder finished the season strong.

Grade: A

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