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One New York Rangers Fan Has Some Serious Game

Prom season is important for every teenager, but New York Rangers fan Chris Cafiero put a unique spin on his proposal.

By Chris Wengert

Prom is certainly an important milestone in every young adults life, but New York Rangers fan Chris Cafiero to add his own flare to the proposal.

It certainly didn’t matter to Cafiero that his favorite team was bounced from the first round of the playoffs, he was going to showcase his Blueshirt pride.

Cafiero told Blueshirts United that he brainstormed the idea after he saw a Chicago Blackhawks fan present something similar.

Well one thing is for sure. Cafiero’s girlfriend and prom date, Isabel Pocock, is certainly a keeper after saying yes to the Rangerific prom proposal.

I mean come on guys, how many of your significant others would have killed you if you asked him/her to prom this way?

The bar has been raised New York Rangers fans. It’s time to step your game up.

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