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New York Mets SP Noah Syndergaard Plays Thor In New York City (Video)

Video: The New York Mets’ Noah Syndergaard took to the streets of NYC to channel his inner “Thor.” The result was epic.

How can you not love this guy? New York Mets stud Noah Syndergaard fully embraced his “Thor” alter ego, casually roaming the streets of New York in full costume and lingo.

We saw photos of his adventures a few weeks ago, but the full video is even better.

He absolutely nailed this impersonation. I mean, the costume, the lingo, and of course, the hammer–were all spot on. It’s good to see famous athletes who aren’t afraid of the public eye, and simply like to enjoy themselves given the chance.

You have to wonder what Mr. Syndergaard will do next. He clearly loves being in New York City and being amongst the locals. The taxis, local delis, and subways make you question if he’s actually from Texas.

Noah “Thor” Syndergaard, man of the people.


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