Frank Isola, New York Knicks writer for the New York Daily News, recently got into it with a certain actor who appeared in ‘Superbad.’

Are we dreaming?

I understand what social media is, and how it can bring the two unlikeliest of individuals together, but this one is just insane.

Take Frank Isola, New York Knicks writer for the New York Daily News, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, the actor who played McLovin in the all-time classic film Superbad.

Then, put them together on Twitter. The following is what comes from the match.

Plasse first makes mention that Isola should just “go away.” Of course, Isola has a retort, nearly a month later:

It continued:

And more:

Naturally, news outlets have already weighed in with their unique spin:

Only in this world can a guy who’s so universally loved and hated like Isola throw down with the dude who made friends with Seth Rogen the Cop in Superbad.


H/T Sports Illustrated

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