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New York Rangers 2015-16 Report Cards: Forwards

Tanner Glass

Tanner Glass is easily the most criticized forward on this list.

Whenever a discussion regarding personnel issues is initiated, Glass is almost always criticized.

Some believe that Alain Vigneault should have substituted Glass for the quicker and much more talented Oscar Lindberg.

While I would never describe Glass as a strong hockey player, he was one of the few Rangers who gave a strong effort every single night that he played.

The same cannot be said for a good portion of the Rangers’ roster.

The fact that the Rangers didn’t have a better fourth line option exposed one of the many kinks in their armor, and while Glass gave a strong effort night in and night out he never produced consistently.

Grade: C

Dominic Moore

In years past, Moore had a knack for scoring goals when his team needed a boost. It’s also no secret that his history, strong character, and grinding style make him an easy player to root for.

But something changed this year.

For whatever reason, Moore pushed aside some of the simplicity that made his style of play effective and opted for a fancier approach.

Rather than driving to the net to pick up the occasional garbage goal, Moore would often attempt a fancy pass or spin move.

The result was a weak playoff performance and his lowest points total since joining the Rangers in 2013.

Grade: C

Viktor Stalberg

There weren’t exactly high expectations surrounding Stalberg when he stepped onto the MSG ice as a Blueshirt in October.

Having said that, Stalberg became a reliable third or fourth line player for the Rangers this season. His quickness added to the forecheck and he would score the occasional goal.

Stalberg was never featured on the highlight reel, but he often stepped up when other players had gone cold.

However like much of the Rangers’ roster, Stalberg couldn’t produce in the playoffs and that’s going to hurt him.

Grade: B

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