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Ways The New York Yankees Can Turn This Slump Around

2. Create A Spark In Chemistry

One player that’s tearing it up in Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre can be the answer, and his name is Nick Swisher.

Swisher was a member of the dominant 2009 championship team but hit a bumpy road after signing a four-year, $56-million deal with the Cleveland Indians in 2012.

After being traded to the Atlanta Braves he batted .195 and he was cut in Spring Training before landing a minor-league deal with the Yankees.

Nick is being positively Swisherlicious with his .340/.370/.540 slash line with three home runs and 6 RBI in 13 games. Not only is he hitting the cover off the ball, but he’s playing loose with a child-like energy, something that will never change despite being 35-years of age.

Perhaps that’s what the New York Yankees need more than anything right now. A spirited veteran presence to help spice up this joyless team.

The Yankees will not get the 2010 All-Star version of Swisher as he’ll only be a bench option in the Bronx, but no matter what anyone says, “good chemistry” is a crucial characteristic of every winning team.

Chemistry serves as a meaningful impingement by virtue of the adversity teams go through -like the Yankee lineup is currently experiencing- and the closer a group is, the better they perform.

A shift in attitude toward having fun, while still taking care of business might be what the Yankees need the most.