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Ways The New York Yankees Can Turn This Slump Around

Michael Dwyer, AP
Michael Dwyer, AP

The New York Yankees haven’t been this bad since 2005, and if it continues, this hole will become way too deep to climb out of. 

By Christian Kouroupakis

After the New York Yankees started the season with a promising series win against the Houston Astros, it all went mayhem leading to the worst start since 2005 when they went 10-14 in the month of April.

The offense has scored three runs or less in their seventh straight game and the Yankees are 2-5 in that span. They have also scored more than four runs only once in their past 17 games.

Overall, their 74 runs scored are dead last in all of Major League baseball with the Atlanta Braves sitting above them.

Pitching-wise, their overall ERA ranks second to last in the American League and their starting pitchers have an overall record of 4-10 with a 4.94 ERA.

Their unhittable bullpen has also been exposed. Yes, Aroldis Chapman returns on May 9th but Dellin Betances has been exposed this past week as well with the bridge to Andrew Miller collapsing.

The ERA of their ‘pen ranks fourth-to-last in the AL and are responsible for four losses this season.

Right now, the Yankees are unfathomably terrible. They need something, anything to get going again. The route they’re on right now will lead to nothing but having them finish right where they are: in the cellar of the AL East.

There is still time, though. The Yankees haven’t reached six games under .500 (currently 8-14) since June 5, 2007, when they were 25-31. By season’s end, the Bombers were 94-68 in the postseason so please, don’t count them off as a lost cause just yet.

However, it’s ignorant to say that the hole isn’t getting quite deep. Even though the Yankees can leap out, it could soon reach a point where the leap of faith will be too big to achieve.

Here’s what the New York Yankees have to do to stop digging their inevitable grave.