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Noah Syndergaard Teaches Miss Universe How To Pitch (Video)

Noah Syndergaard had the privilege (or task) of teaching Miss Universe how to pitch. Is there anything this guy can’t do? 

Raise your hand if you’re having more fun than Noah Syndergaard. If you put your hand up, you’re lying to yourself, because the man they call “Thor” is winning at the game of life.

I guess throwing hundred mile per hour heaters gets you a gig with Miss Universe, eh? Dominating the National League with his arm, and scoring the most beautiful women in the world with arguably the best hair in the game is just another day in the life of Señor Syndergaard.

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David Wright may be known as Captain America, and Matt Harvey as the Dark Knight, but Thor has to be the most popular Met superhero at the moment (although Neil Walker deserves his own superhero with the month he’s having).

Only time will tell what Thor does next.


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