3. Mark Jackson, Former Golden State Warriors HC

Mark Jackson will always be haunted by the success of the Golden State Warriors. He was run out of town after butting heads with his bosses, and replaced with Steve Kerr. The foundation that Jackson built was turned into a dynasty. We forget how Jackson was on the court, the truth is the two two coaches couldn’t be more different.

Jackson focused on the Warriors horrendous defense when he took over in 2011-12. Jackson’s team finished 27th in defensive rating in his first season but steadily improved in his next two, to a more respectable 14th and than an elite 4th. Jackson’s Warriors’ had good offenses, but nothing like the historic numbers they do now of course.

The biggest difference? Well how about this, in Jackson’s last season as coach the Warriors were last in passes per game. The same Warriors team that seem to swing the ball around the key like the Harlem Globetrotters.

Jackson will be a popular candidate because of his strong New York City connections, but if the Knicks were to sign him they’d need a strong offensive assistant.