Enough with the triangle. Let’s talk about the five best coaches the New York Knicks should hire no matter what kind of offense they run.

By Chip Murphy

There’s no fun in speculating about who will be the next head coach of the New York Knicks. Phil Jackson has made it crystal clear he’ll only employ another triangle guy. How about we all stop talking Jackson’s potential hires and look at who’s the best fit.

Carmelo Anthony spoke for the entire NBA last week when he gave his thoughts on the New York Knicks’ antiquated offense.

Anthony has made it a point to say that he disagrees with Jackson’s free agency strategy of getting players who fit his system. Anthony feels, as any sensible person would after coming off of back to back 50-loss seasons, that emphasizing the system over the player is the wrong move.

Unfortunately, that’s how Jackson feels and he will never change. His mammoth ego has no equal and his arrogance knows no bounds.

These five coaches are all good fits for the Knicks jobs, but they won’t even get a look. That has nothing to do with them personally, but with the philosophy of a foolish old man who won’t admit he’s wrong. Unfortunately, these coaches don’t preach the t-word.

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