New York Rangers Blueline Up To The Task In Game 2 Victory

Brady Skjei

22-years old and already two games of Stanley Cup Playoffs experience under his belt. For young Brady Skjei, the world must feel at his feet.

It’s obvious: When Ryan McDonagh went down to injury, it was going to be Skjei who would have to meet the call. He’s a great skater, solid on both ends of the ice, and represents the closest thing to a McDonagh in the organization.

Skjei’s performance through the first two games has been a mixed bag.

By no means could any fan be upset about his play, but the mistakes also cannot be ignored. They also need to be played through, however.

More time, experience and play will do Skjei wonders. The more “sticky” situations he faces, the more this Rangers blueline will eventually flourish.

Alain Vignault has very little problem trusting Skjei in critical situations. He has to.