New York Mets Raise 2015 NL Championship Banner (Video)

Prior to their home opener against the Philadelphia Phillies, the New York Mets raised their 2015 NL Championship banner in Citi Field.

Finally, the deed is done.

Prior to the New York Mets home opener against the Philadelphia Phillies on Friday afternoon, the remembrance of the memorable 2015 run was acknowledged.

The 2015 NL Championship banner was raised with the help of Mets legends John Franco and Edgardo Alfonzo in Citi Field (video above).

Very appropriate music was the sound in the background as all Amazin’ fans were suddenly brought back to the exciting month that was October of 2015.

But that was then, and this is now.

The Mets and Phils are currently tied at one in the the middle of the sixth inning. Jacob deGrom has been stellar thus far, recording six strikeouts through six innings. He’s also the man responsible for producing the only New York run on the afternoon.

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