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New York Rangers: Five Reasons You Should Feel Optimistic

Alain Vigneault Is Making Smarter Choices

It has been interesting to watch the evolution of the Rangers power play this season. It has been even more interesting to see our power play quarterback dispatched with the second unit night after night.

Until now.

I don’t know what it was, but AV finally realized that Keith Yandle is much more valuable on the first power play unit. I mean, it’s not like Yandle was acquired for those skills or anything…

And the good decisions don’t end there.

It seems like the Rangers finally have an effective bottom six in their lineup for the first time since, dare I say, 2014. These two lines have been able to pick up the slack when the top six aren’t producing.


While I discussed Nash’s attributes and contributions earlier I could have easily thrown Viktor Stalberg‘s name into the same mix, as he is another player who looks determined to win every night.
Hopefully AV will continue to demonstrate this trend of rational thinking.

So are the Rangers in a perfect situation? Of course not. But they have given their fans plenty of reasons why they should be optimistic as the playoffs approach.

So how are you feeling? Guarded? Optimistic as well? Or does this team simply not have the firepower in your opinion?

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