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New York Rangers: Five Reasons You Should Feel Optimistic

Henrik Lundqvist Is Still The King

Here are Hanks stats for this season thus far:

Courtesy of Hokeyreference.com
Courtesy of Hokeyreference.com

Lundqvist has had his rough spots, notably December, but that was during a time in which the whole team was struggling. The Rangers defense content at allowing opponents park in the slot during that stretch, so it would be unfair to paint Hank with broad strokes for one bad month.

Needless to say, the King of New York is back.

Henrik has proved that he is a big-time goalie in the past, despite what haters will say from to time. Remember this gem?

The only thing better than Lundqvist’s save was probably Doc Emrick’s call of the save. He’s one of the best in the business.

Despite all of the issues that the Rangers have dealt with this season, whether it be an unreliable defense or stars who have gone M.I.A., one thing is for sure.

If you have Henrik Lundqvist in goal, your team will have a shot.

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