New York Knicks

New York Knicks swing-man Derrick Williams defends his squad in an interesting way in the midst of a messy season.

With the New York Knicks winning back-to-back games Wednesday and Thursday against the Bulls, Chicago’s team, who at the beginning of this season seemed playoff-bound barring any injuries, has fallen out of contention and the players are frustrated.

To say this Bulls team has fallen from grace would be an understatement, and Taj Gibson’s recent criticism of the team has caught the attention of many NBA fans.

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Both the Knicks and The Bulls have seen equal struggles this season, from adjusting to coaching changes and sporadic injuries.

While Gibson has been a faithful member of this Bulls team through all of their injury struggles, maybe picking him to interview at this point in the season wasn’t the best idea:

Taj has taken to twitter to voice his frustrations and retort to fans about his recent interview, which appeared to be subliminal shots fired at the Knicks, calling them a “trash team.”

Knicks Forward Derrick Williams was not too fond of the comments Gibson made, and defended his Knicks team, despite their equally tumultuous season.

Williams, who scored in double figures both Wednesday and Thursday night, was the recipient of some pretty thunderous alley-oops, exposing Chicago’s porous defense.

He used one of those alley-oops on instagram with a caption to get back at Gibson:

We beat y’all 3 out of 4 times. Trash teams ? Cuuuuuuut ittttttttt

A photo posted by Derrick Williams (@dwxxiii) on

Gibson replied to Williams, not so subtly, to let Williams know that both teams are out of the playoff picture, despite how embarrassing the Bulls’ losses were. Apparently, he deleted the instagram post, but not the tweet.

Williams, while not the most prominent Knicks’ player, has shown flashes of impactful performance in his time in New York. It’s pretty clear he’s enjoying the atmosphere and the wants to be a part of this team’s success under Phil Jackson.

Could Williams be hinting at the idea of a longer stay than just two years with the Knicks? This may not have been the Knicks ideal season, but with players as invested in the betterment of the team as this guy, the Knicks could potentially have a bright future.

You’ve got to give credit where credit is due; Williams won’t let other players slander his team, whether they’re “trash” or not.

Tonight, the Knicks face Lebron and the Cavs at MSG at 7 PM ET. Knicks fans can only hope Carmelo, an integral part of rebuilding this Knicks team, doesn’t get hypnotized by the idea of a super-team with his buddy Lebron in the midst of all this trash talk—that is, unless, he recruits Lebron to come to New York.

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