New York Knicks’ Jose Calderon Would Rather Talk Than Guard A Guy (Video)

At this point it’s just embarrassing. Jose Calderon and the New York Knicks defense is a disgrace to the game of basketball.

This is ridiculous.

It’s the fact that New York Knicks starting point guard Jose Calderon is bad, it’s the idea that this organization flat-out refuses to remove him as the starter.

It’s not his fault. The man is 34-years old.

He simply cannot keep up with the point guards of today’s league.

Now, what’s worse, is he’s also deciding to turn his back on ball-handlers while he looks to communicate with a teammate (video above).

When a team is equipped with two legitimate interior defenders like Kristaps Porzingis and Robin Lopez, and they’re never receiving the opportunity to block or alter shots (because they’re always in help-mode), you know the perimeter defense is horrid.

Embarrassing, especially considering rookie Jerian Grant didn’t get a real shot at significant playing time until recently.

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