New York Rangers J.T. Miller Puts The Good Guys Up Early Elite Sports NY

While Montreal fans were busy booing their players as they step onto the ice, J.T. Miller was busy putting the New York Rangers up 1-0.

By Chris Wengert

Man, this is a really bad Montreal defensive core right now, but J.T. Miller and the New York Rangers could care less.

After a sleepy start, Miller woke what will hopefully be a Rangers beast after smoking Montreal’s defense.

Derek Stepan also had a hand in the goal, as he took a hard hit so that Miller could gain possession of the puck while moving through the neutral zone.

The Rangers looked lethargic for the first few minutes of the game.

While Montreal hasn’t exactly imposed their will on New York, the Rangers will need to make smarter passes on their breakout to avoid a careless turnover.

Listen to Sam Rosen on this call..sounds like the MSG announcer was a little more excited than usual by the goal.


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