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New York Mets: David Wright Sees First Game Action Since World Series

While the New York Mets have been extra careful in treating David Wright, the captain took his first live-swings of spring today.

By Jeremy Fialkow

Cap. Is. Back.

New York Mets personnel and fans should be extremely happy to hear the 33-year-old franchise cornerstone has returned to live game action.

David Wright, who last year was diagnosed with a degenerative back condition called spinal stenosis, played in his first game since losing to the Royals in the 2015 Fall Classic.

He finished with one hit in five at-bats of a minor-league intrasquad game, without playing any action in the field.

Wright is expected to play in his first Grapefruit League game with the reigning National League Champions sometime later this week.

The biggest question for El Capitan is how many games he can actually play this season. Obviously, Wright going the full 162 is out of the question. Although, something in the range of 120-130 games would be an ideal situation for both David and the Mets.

Back in 2012, The Metropolitans inked Wright to eight-year, $138 million contract that should keep him in Blue and Orange until the year 2020.

Back then, it was easy to justify giving one of the MLB’s best third-baseman such a massive contract. At this point in time, Wright’s production has left much to be desired…but don’t tell the most diehard of fans that.

His consistently cool demeanor and beaming optimism make him as beloved to his city and team as they come.

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Jeremy Fialkow was born and raised in Miami, FLA, but currently studies at the University of Maryland. When he's not studying hard, he can be found supporting his sometimes hopeless NY teams: Knicks, Mets, Jets, and Isles. Your sympathy is appreciated.