New York Rangers: Dan Boyle Needs To Take A Seat, Become A Black Ace

Final Thoughts

Despite a decent run prior to the new year that saw Boyle be very productive on the power play, he doesn’t do close to enough to cancel out his negatives on the ice.

The man has collected six goals and 13 assists for a whopping 19 points on the season (60 games). This doesn’t even come close to balancing out his defensive detriments.

Just take a quick gander at the Rangers defenseman’s +/- numbers on the season:

  1. Ryan McDonagh +19
  2. Dan Girardi +17
  3. Kevin Klein +12
  4. Marc Staal +7
  5. Dylan McIlrath +6
  6. Dan Boyle +5
  7. Keith Yandle -1

Now, considering Yandle and Boyle have played so much of the power play this season, it has to be considered troubling that their +/- number is so low.

And look at Staal. His number gets dragged down because he’s forced to play with a subpar partner in Boyle on a nightly basis.

McIlrath has not only shown what he can provide from an enforcer and physicality standpoint – during his far too few chances to play – he’s shown he can be relied upon in other areas.

In fact, McIlrath is one of the more talented d-men on the roster at firing a puck through traffic on net. He actually has a solid shot from the point and can make a slick pass at times.

If these Rangers want to shock the world like they did two seasons ago, there’s one move head coach Alain Vigneault needs to make first. He needs to sit Boyle and have him join Glass in the Black Aces booth.

Put the best roster on the ice. That will be the only way.

This doesn’t mean Dan Boyle can’t contribute. He most certainly can on certain nights when called upon.

But a regular, nightly player Boyle is not, anymore.