New York Yankees, Mets: Ranking The Best NYC Sluggers

5. Michael Conforto, Mets

This…is a tough one to justify. Conforto, 23, doesn’t even have a full season in the Bigs under his belt, yet, it’s hard not to be compelled to throw him in here at #5.

In his three-plus months with the Mets, after a late-July call up, Conforto’s posted a slugging% of .506. Over a full season, that number would lie around the likes of MLB All-Stars Manny Machado and Anthony Rizzo.

He impressed the nation with his composure at the plate, ability to put balls in play to all fields, and, most of all, a tendency to utterly demolish a baseball. The best part about it? The lefty’s approach at the plate doesn’t just focus on pull, he instead shoots them over to opposite-field.

In the end Conforto’s play made it clear why the Mets drafted him with in the 10th pick in 2014, and scouts and personnel touted him as the best hitter in New York’s farm system.

One month from now we’ll be seeing the true form of Michael Conforto, facing MLB level talent day-in, day-out.

Maybe Terry Collins will even let the prodigious talent take a couple swings at some lefty pitching…and likely break their hearts along the way.