New York Yankees, Mets: Ranking The Best NYC Sluggers

Julie Jacobson, AP
Julie Jacobson, AP

Although the pitching is top notch between the New York Yankees and Mets, we shouldn’t sleep on the power. Here are the city’s top sluggers.

By Jeremy Fialkow

With the New York Yankees aging, but powerful lineup, and the New York Mets new-found slugging renaissance, who takes the cake as New York’s current Leader of the Longball?

This list won’t tell you Player A is better than player B based upon which blasted the most home runs in their career.

It takes into account the player’s trends over the past few seasons, with the additional consideration of their career production, age and potential output in the future.

For example, everyone knows Alex Rodriguez isn’t getting any better. He’s still incredibly productive – when not suspended – but can only go downhill from here. On the other hand, a player such as Lucas Duda, who just turned 30, has finally begun to figure out how to use his brute strength to the best of his ability.

So, without further ado, here’s how we rank the top power hitters in New York:


  1. the fact duda is on the list is troubling, the guy can hit his 30 homeruns but he is as streaky as a fat guys underwear… i would have put cespedes at 2, hes a much better hitter then duda, put duda ahead of beltran… grandy has shown with the yanks he can crack his 40 homeruns a year, but since the mets lacked a true leadoff hitter changed his plate approach, which speaks volumes as his versatility as a player.. not to mention a stand up dude, polite and fuck… granderson is def one of my more favorite players in the league