New York Yankees, Mets: Ranking The Best NYC Sluggers

7. Curtis Granderson, Mets

There are many things Curtis Granderson can’t do, which include: Manning center, left and right field all at once, and single-handedly winning the 2015 Fall Classic for his team.

However, one thing is for sure: The Grandy-Man can blast the stitches off a baseball. His ability to pull a ball down the first base line is like no other.

In 2011 and 2012 with the Yankees, Grandy reached career numbers in home runs with 41 and 43, respectively. Impressively, he’s proved it was no fluke.

Last season, his second in Flushing, Mets manager Terry Collins decided to put Grandy in a peculiar position by choosing to have him lead-off, top of the batting order. No one, not even Curtis at 34-years-old, knew how his power bat and approach at the plate would adapt to the new role.

The transition has seemed seamless. He smashed the new job out of the park (pun intended) to the tune of 26 homers and 70 RBI’s. Quite impressive for a player normally seen in the middle of a lineup, now tasked with getting on base for the meat of the order.