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The Yoenis Cespedes Car Show Continues Today

New York Mets slugger Yoenis Cespedes seemes to have a car for everyday of the week. His ride to work on Thursday did not disappoint. 

Yoenis Cespedes likes cars. After arriving to camp in a small tank, a custom made Polaris Slingshot, and a custom Lamborghini Aventador, Thursday’s ride of choice lived up to the hype.

A bright red Alfa Romeo, valued around a quarter of a million dollars, parked in Port St. Lucie on Thursday morning.

The combined cost of the 4? A meager $838,000, of course. Cespedes, who will earn over $27 million this season, should be able to foot the bill (one would think).

Here come the “Who cares what Cespedes drives, he better produce on the field!” comments.


The New York Mets play their first Spring Training game in about one week. If Cespedes is comfortable and not breaking any team rules, let him drive whatever he wants. Try to enjoy the spring, we have plenty of time to worry about a pennant race.

Any bets on his Friday ride of choice?

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