Yoenis Cespedes arrived to the New York Mets’ spring training complex in Port St. Lucie driving what could have been mistaken as a small tank.

If this truck doesn’t suit Yoneis Cespedes’s personality, I’m not sure what vehicle does. Did you think there was a chance he’d arrive in a Prius? “La Potencia” looks ready to go.

If you have any concerns about Mr. Cespedes for whatever reason, you can check out the bombs he dropped in batting practice, below.

Cespedes met with reporters on Sunday, and explained that he felt right at home,

“I feel great being a part of this team. I decided to come back here because I knew I was not going to find a team where I would feel better and at home the way I do here. Although baseball is a business, not everything is about money. You have to play where you feel comfortable. I know I can be a free agent next year, but that has never even passed through my mind. I came here to play my three years with the Mets, and I hope God will give me the opportunity for them to re-sign me after that.”

Cespedes arrived 3 days early to camp, which only furthers the thought that he’s comfortable around his teammates and excited for the coming season.

It’s good to have baseball back.

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