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As much as the NHL does right they have once again redefined incompetence with Leo Komarov‘s suspension. It’s time to get real NHL.

By Chris Wengert

With professional sports under constant scrutiny when it comes to head injuries, and rightfully so, it isn’t crazy to think that the NHL would take a stand after Leo Komarov blatantly tired to injure Ryan McDonagh.

Or perhaps it is crazy to think that a league with a history of incompetence when it comes to discipline would finally make the right decision.

Because once again, the NHL has failed to protect their players.

Leo Komarov was handed a three game suspension for this hit on Ryan McDonagh:

If it were up to me, the offender would receive a suspension for however long the injured player is out. It would take some closing of loopholes to avoid abuse of the rule, but a statement needs to be made.

That statement should be the NHL will not allow a player to be concussed twice in a two week span because its offenders could care less about the consequences.

A statement that it will not allow these clowns to take cheap shots and potentially ruin a person’s career, or even their life.

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You have failed yet again NHL. Oh but don’t worry, Ryan McDonagh will be fine.

He’ll be fine until next time.

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