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There is no denying that Martin Brodeur had a great career, and as much as Rangers fans dislike the former New Jersey goalie, you have to tip your cap to him.

By Chris Wengert

There was never any doubt that Martin Brodeur was in net at Madison Square Garden when the New Jersey Devils would face the New York Rangers.


The chant would rain down from the Garden rafters whenever the Devils net minder would make even the smallest of mistakes.

For a couple decades the Devils/Rangers rivalry was one of the best in the National Hockey League, and Martin Brodeur was a major reason why.

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The rivalry began in 1994 during the Eastern Conference Finals. You all know the story by now as the Rangers would go on the win the cup that year, but not before facing Marty Brodeur.

Everyone discusses Mark Messier’s guarantee or Stephane Matteau’s famous double overtime goal.

But what usually goes unmentioned are the amazing performances that Brodeur gave night in and night out during that series.

He was sensational.

And it was performances like those that would win the New Jersey Devils three Stanley Cup championships, thanks in large part to Marty’s play.

That’s really where the dislike for Brodeur began too-this guy goes to New Jersey and wins three cups.

Outside of 1997 when the Rangers eliminated the Devils in five games, the Devils dominated the Blueshirts in the post season.

Enter former New York Rangers enforcer, Sean Avery.

To say that Avery and Brodeur hated each other is probably an understatement, and it all stemmed from this incident during the 2008 playoffs:

The incident was so egregious that the NHL made a rule because of Avery’s actions.

Brodeur would find revenge four years later in a 1994 Eastern Conference Finals rematch.

The 2012 Eastern Conference Finals didn’t end well for the Rangers, as the Devils would win the series in six games.

But not without some Brodeur controversy.
Great players always earn disdain from opposing fan bases. Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, and Denis Potvin all had the same qualities in common.

They were great players and Rangers fans hate them all.

Martin Brodeur is no exception to the rule, and while Rangers fans couldn’t stand him while he played the Devils/Rangers rivalry just isn’t the same without Marty in net.

Martin Brodeur will no doubt go down in the record books as one of the best goalie to play the game.

He was a clutch player who could make the most acrobatic of saves when his team needed them most.

Brodeur also was a master at handling the puck, which is not a small task for a goal tender. He is credited with scoring three goals in his career, which is unheard of.

One of those goals happened during the 1997 playoffs against the Montreal Canadiens.

So as much as it pains us, New York Rangers fans should salute Martin Brodeur.

None of the great Devils/Rangers moments would have happened if it weren’t for Brodeur’s excellence and greatness.

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