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New York Rangers: Which Fan Type Are You?

Still Talks About 1994 Guy

I’ll admit that I am guilty of reminiscing about the good ole’ days (man that Marty St. Louis OT goal was sweet), but that is different from this guy–you have to make the distinction.

Still talks about 1994 guy will almost always compare the current team to the ’94 championship team, even though the current game of hockey is completely different from the 90’s.

They’ll discuss the 1994 trade deadline, how it was such a big move, and why Jeff Gorton needs to make a similar move “if the Rangers want to be successful”.

Not only does 1994 guy make comparisons to the 1994 team, but he will also make younger people feel inferior because they weren’t around to experience it.

1994 guy will almost always talk about “back then” and how much louder and meaner MSG was.

This guy is almost guaranteed to be wearing the same beer-stained and pin-filled jersey that he/she was wearing in 1994. These stains and pins are badges of honor for 1994 guy.

Don’t get me wrong 1994 was an amazing time, and it may just be another 54 years until it happens again.

But at some point you need to move on.

Be sure to drop us a line below and let us know where you fit in to this mix. Do you know someone who fits one of these Ranger fan-types?

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