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New York Rangers: Which Fan Type Are You?

Potvin Sucks Guy

I’m not talking about every person who starts a “Potvin Sucks” chant here, I’m talking about Potvin sucks guy-and there is a difference.

Potvin sucks guy doesn’t even know who Denis Potvin is, but he knows all about the chant.

I have actually heard a person discuss how you can only start the chant at “specific times of the game” because that is when it is most effective.

Potvin sucks guy definitely takes his job seriously, even though everyone in his section can’t stand him.

This is the guy who will start a chant moments after some else already has. Cue eye roll.

Blow my eardrums out with your finger whistle and you’re paying for the medical bill sir.

Listen, I’m all for tradition and I really do love hearing the chant, especially at Rangers-Islanders games. But the moment you turn a chant into a science, you may need to get a hobby.

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