New York Rangers: Which Fan Type Are You?

Advanced Stat Guy

Oh advanced stat guy-you all know this guy.

The Rangers may have been blown out 5-0 by the Edmonton Oilers but hey, “…their possession stats were great tonight”.

This is the guy who usually will rag on a handful of players (Girardi) for having poor possession stats, even though those are the same players that are always facing the opponents top line.

This guy will throw words like fenwick and corsi around, even though they can barely explain what those words mean.

Because it’s all about sounding smart for advanced stat guy.

This person will rarely have an original thought because they don’t know enough about the game of hockey.

Instead, they have to rely upon fancy numbers to sound like they are better than everyone else.

And good luck if you try to have a conversation with advanced stat guy because they are never wrong. This is especially true if you are not speaking the same convoluted language as they are.

Have fun with your spread sheets buddy.