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New York Rangers: Which Fan Type Are You?

Obnoxious Color Commentator Guy

This person knows their New York Rangers hockey, and they want everyone else in their section to be aware of that fact.

And how do they portray their hockey IQ? By speaking their mind about every little play during the game.

“Great play Stepan!”

“Chip it out Girardi!”

“Oh that’s a bad play, Zuccarello should have fired it there!”

“Ugh Nash come on, get back!”

There is no way to say it nicely, it is torture sitting next to the color commentator.

First of all, they will not shut up the entire game-and I mean the entire game. The commentator will say every little thing that goes through their head.

It’s all insecurity too, because the only reason they commentate every play is the make it known that “they are a student of the game.”

Don’t get me wrong, comments here and there are fine.

But the color commentator does not simplify sprinkle in a comment, they force it down your throat on every break out, every shot, and every shift change.

I’d rather listen to Sam and Joe or dare I say…Pierre.

Ok-maybe not Pierre.

I've been a die hard Rangers and Giants fan for as long as I can remember. I enjoy sharing opinions, and hearing from fans that love their teams just as much as I do. Henrik Lundqvist makes all of us look like mere mortals. E-mail me at: [email protected]