New York Giants Season Awards

Scapegoat of the Year: Tom Coughlin, HC

I’ll admit it, I was all for Coughlin being fired.

Clearly, his influence over the team was waning, and it was time for him to leave. Coughlin’s resignation allows the Giants to move forward as an organization, and turn over a new leaf.

However, Coughlin should not have been the only person to go. General Manager Jerry Reese (who we’ll get to later) was terrible and assembled the least talented roster that he’s had in years.

Coughlin was the scapegoat of back to back 6-10 seasons, while Reese gears up for a last ditch effort to save his job. Still, the outpouring of respect towards Coughlin shows just how loved he is, and just how influential he was on all of his players.