3. Piazza completes the comeback (06/30/2000)

53,000 Mets fans packed into Shea Stadium for the second game of a June 2000 series with the Atlanta Braves, waiting to explode like the post game fireworks would that night.

Atlanta had the Mets’ number the previous two years, winning the season series’ with a combined 18-6 record, and eliminating New York in the 1999 NLCS. John Rocker, who was hated as much as Chase Utley was in 2015, had pitched in relief the day before, helping the Braves defeat the Mets 6-4.

The Braves jumped out to an 8-1 lead in the top of the seventh inning, shocking the crowd. But just when all in attendance thought the game was over when Robin Ventura measly grounded out with runners on second and third and one out (giving the Mets their second run of the game), Todd Zeile lined an RBI single to left, Jay Payton moved runners over with a hit and Benny Agbayani, Mark Johnson and Melvin Mora all walked, securing the Mets 3 runs.

With New York down 8-5, Braves manager Bobby Cox brought in Terry Mulholland to face Derek Bell. He walked him. The next batter, Edgardo Alfonzo, tied the game with a sharp single to left.

But what comeback could be complete without Michael Joseph Piazza?

A screaming line drive down the line cleared the fences, giving the Mets a victory.

Justin Weiss is a staff editor at Elite Sports New York, where he covers the New York Islanders and Brooklyn Cyclones. In 2016, he received a Quill Award for Freelance Journalism. He has written for the Long Island Herald, FanSided and YardBarker.