Rupp Salutes the Ageless Wonder/ Lundqvist Denies Briere: January 2nd, 2012

Bridgestone’s Winter Classic in 2012 was special. At least it was to the fans of the Ranges and Flyers.

It was the first time the Blueshirts got their chance to play in the outdoor classic, and they took on one of their rivals, the Broadstreet Bullies.

The game had special meaning cause the both teams were in contention for the playoffs, and were fighting for division supremacy.

After going down two goals early, an unlikely hero emerged that changed the landscape that night. Mike Rupp made a name for himself this game, scoring two goals in a 3-2 victory.

What brings him criticism from the Philly faithful, and perhaps some hockey fans in general, is what he did after his first goal. Rupp was just caught in the moment, being in the middle of the spotlight for everyone to see.

Heck, Jarmoir Jagr has done his patented goal salute 733 times in his career, Rupp once.

Another highlight was a mano y mano penalty shot between Henrik Lundqvist and Daniel Briere.

In the dying seconds of a great game, a mad scramble around the Rangers net occurred. The Flyers needed to tie the game to force things into overtime. An alert Ryan McDonagh saved the game, with a unorthodox means: covering up the puck. However, a penalty shot was awarded to the Flyers that may have made that play a dumb move.

Witht he game on the line and the atmosphere at all-time high, Briere went one on one with the King. Trying to outfake the Rangers netminder, Briere tried to go five-hole. Unfortunately, Lundqvist was there to deny the attempt and save the game.

After making the save, Lundqvist let out his emotions by giving a shoulder shrugg that reverberated in all Rangers fans that night.

Nothing like denying your rival of satisfaction.