Rangers Are Come Back Kids…Twice, 2014/2015

A big comeback is where history is made, especially in a playoff series.

This statement is even more relevant when your team is on the brink of elimination, down three games to one.

The Red Sox made history when they pulled off this feat against their hated rival, the New York Yankees in the 2004 playoffs.

But a team that can pull off this kind of comeback two years in a row? Now that’s history.

That is just what the New York Rangers did against the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2014 and the Washington Capitals in 2015.

Brad Richards scored the game-winning power play goal in the second period of Game 7 to lead the Rangers past Pittsburgh.

The third period was a nail biter, as the Rangers went into a defensive shell and Lundqvist performed his best brick wall impression.

The Rangers would hold on to win and advance to the Eastern Conference Finals where they would beat the Montreal Canadiens in six games.

In 2015, the Rangers would face a similar challenge against the very physical Washington Capitals.

In Game five Washington was 1:41 away from eliminating the Rangers, when Chris Kreider scored the tying goal and started another comeback.

Game seven would need overtime to declare a winner, and Derek Stepan was the hero:

A three game to one comeback has only happened 28 times in NHL history.

The New York Rangers boast #27 and #28.