1. Derek Stepan Scores In Game 7

A game seven in hockey is unlike any other elimination game in sports. History is made, and heroes emerge.

The most famous overtime goal in recent Ranger history is without a doubt the Stephane Matteau double overtime goal against the New Jersey Devils, which propelled the Rangers to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1994.

Other players have come close to reaching that Matteau level of drama, but Derek Stepan‘s game seven overtime goal was special.

Alex Ovechkin scored first in the game, sending shear panic through Ranger nation. Ovie had been relativly quiet up until that point in the series, and the Rangers didn’t need him to find his game in a game seven.

Kevin Hayes would ease our pain in the second frame, and the scoreless third meant that overtime would be needed.

If the Rangers went on to win the cup last year, there is no doubt that this goal would be held in the same regard as Matteau’s play.

Ladies and gentlemen, your top New York Rangers moment from 2015:

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