2. Rangers Come Back From 3-1 Down…Again

The chances of a hockey team coming back to win a playoff series when down three games to one are extremely low.

Unless you are the New York Rangers of course.

During their (almost) magical Stanley Cup run of the 2013-2014 season, the Rangers were faced with what seemed like an insurmountable task:

Win three straight games to beat the hot Pittsburgh Penguins.

Ironically the Rangers would face a similar fate just a year later, in the same semi-final round.

The Washington Capitals looked almost unbeatable at times in the series. They were fast, physical, and dangerous in the Rangers zone.

The Caps power play was dangerous too, but the iron-clad will of the New York Rangers would not go away.

The Rangers would face elimination three times, and would finish another magical comeback because of number 21.

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